Pine Spruce Branches 11

Hi loves! Welcome to my virtual world. My name is Bridgette. I have a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term health and movement goals, rid themselves of chronic disease, and live an epic, thriving life. I am passionate about educating others on holistic nutrition, functional movement, herbal remedies, emotional healing, and empowering lifestyle practices.  

I believe that we are all meant to live in an optimal state and that vibrant health and innate wisdom is always available within us. I empower clients by guiding them to healing as nature intended; getting to the root cause of symptoms, and assisting the body in restoring its natural balance. I use ancestral healing principles and strongly believe that food, movement and nature are medicine.   


We are all on our own unique paths and there is no one way to healing. Healing is such a personal journey, and I am so passionate about being a guiding hand on your unique journey.

"When I met Bridgette I was a size 16, 198lbs and without doubt at low point in my life. She started as my personal trainer/nutrition advisor, and became my mentor, life coach and friend. Her training
regimens and nutrition expertise have paved the way for the results I still continue to see. Not only have I taken off several pounds, but it helped me to gain my self-confidence back and completely change my attitude. I am now a size 6, 140lbs, and feel like I finally have my life back . I have worked with several trainers in the past, but no one that has been as knowledgeable, motivating and encouraging as
Bridgette. I am forever grateful for everything she has done for me, and for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself!"
- Amanda C. 
​“Bridgette has been my nutritionist for about a year now.  She has not only taught me the importance of eating real food that is of high quality, but also has prepared almost all of my meals.  I have always lived a high vibrational life, and have known the importance of taking care of myself.  Bridgette taught me the importance of ingredient integrity and how to listen to my body.  I can now make decisions in my life in regards to my health that are the best for me.  I have become more connected with my bio individuality, in knowing what works for me and what is going to allow me to perform at my best.  I now look and feel younger than ever before.  And I am grateful to have been able to learn from Bridgette over the last year.  I can now take this information and continue on my health journey in an even deeper way.”
- Michael B. 
Pine Spruce Branches 11
“I had been going back and forth with the idea of working with Bridgette for a long time.  I knew I needed to make some changes, but it’s so hard to see the light when you are in a rut.  It wasn’t until I finally got note from my doctor that my cholesterol was in an unhealthy range, and I was beginning to go through menopause.  I decided to dive in.  I began following Bridgette’s nutritional and exercise protocol for 3 months.  I had finally committed, and my entire life changed.  I lost 15lbs of body fat, 4 sizes in my clothes, and I had never felt so full of energy.  I was out riding my bike, hiking, moving and grooving like never before.  I continue to work with Bridgette because she is not just my nutrition practitioner, but my rock.  She provides so much encouragement, inspiration and knowledge, that I couldn’t imagine not seeing her on a regular basis. So thankful for all the she does!!!”
- Angelique N. 
"My life has changed so much since I began my fitness journey with Bridgette. Though I have always been a sporty individual, I have never truly commited to a "fit lifestyle". The idea of waking up every morning and preparing my daily "green drink" instead of driving to the nearest drive thru for breakfast is literally wild! I also now make the choice to dedicate time out of my day to spend at least an hour in the gym building strength, flexibility and mobility instead of sitting around watching tv. This is not just a new me intended to look good but to, most importantly, feel good. I am eating better and feeling so much better everyday! Clean eating is not a lifestyle I would have ever guessed myself adopting, yet Bridgette has motivated me via her own example to make the best eating choices for my body. "
- Rebekah M.