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Movement Coaching & Workshops

Get stronger, move better, and learn fun, new skills!

Each program is highly diverse: while I am meticulous about execution, our ultimate goal is to nurture freedom and creativity in movement and to allow you to express your own style. My purpose is not to teach you to move exactly like me, but to guide you and give you the tools to discover or develop your own style, according to your body, goals and preferences.


The practice integrates diverse aspects of movement practice:

My approach to locomotion, hand balancing, soft acrobatics, strength and mobility, injury management and prevention, nervous system and internal work and everything in between. 


And if you wish to dive deeper, I will instruct you on approaching practice on the macro level, on tackling new challenges and developing skills to advance on your own.

Movement coaching is specialized training for your specific goals and fitness level. Together, with your personal goals as a guide, we use a combination of movement techniques and skills I have developed over the years to help you move better and grow stronger in all the ways you desire. ​Your fitness goals guide us in deciding your training type and frequency. ​​​

Movement Coaching Packages

5-sessions - $495

10-sessions - $900

Specific coaching packages available for clients who want to work on nutrition and movement simultaneously are available and customized based on individual goals. 

Specialized Fitness Training
Pine Spruce Branches 11
  • Primal Flow

  • Strength Training

  • Calisthenics 

  • Gymnastics Rings

  • Dance

  • Handstands 

  • Flexibility 

  • Corrective Exercise

Movement Consultation- $150



We'll begin by talking about your goals and expectations. I'll tell you about the programs and answer your questions.


We'll focus not only on your prior experience, but on who you are; I don't believe in one size fits all.

Together we will discuss and create a program that will be tailored to your goals, current fitness level and the time you wish to put in. 

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