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Natural Medicine
Nutritional Therapy & Mentorship


These programs are designed for clients that desire on-going nutrition accountability, seek to improve their auto-immune symptoms, are working to heal hormonal imbalances or have longer-term health goals. When you make the choice to optimize your nutrition, you’re choosing vibrant health and success. This is where we do the work together. I guide you, step by step, through the custom protocols that we design to heal your ailments, and I stick by your side as we adjust and adapt the protocol to meet your changing body’s needs.


After your initial consultation, you will have the option to transition to a 3 or 6-month program, which includes on-going text and email support as well as bi-weekly check-in calls and adjustments to your protocol as your body heals. This also includes a custom nutrition and meal plan, tailored supplement protocol and lifestyle recommendations to support your well-being throughout our time together.​

I’ll be there for you every other week on our calls to coach and support your transformation. I’m also available via text, email, and phone for those unexpected questions that may come up between calls. You’ll get resources, grocery lists and recipes for health-supporting meals.


Accountability and on-going support will greatly help you to rock your healing process! See Consultation information listed below.

12 Week Program - $2,750

6 Month Program - $4,950

(Monthly Payment Options Available) 

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What You Can Expect
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  • 100% bio-individualized healing plan just for you

  • In-depth assessment to uncover the root issues

  • Lifestyle and mindset coaching to support your journey 

  • Custom meal plans

  • Custom herbal and/or supplement protocols

  • Positive body image outlook 

  • Better sleep and increased energy 

  • Relief from gas, bloating, and digestive issues

  • Balanced blood sugar and stable mood

  • Better focus and mental clarity

  • Elevated confidence

  • A greater feeling of comfort in your body 

  • Increased strength and performance

Initial Consultation- $299​



In this consultation, we will review your main health concerns and goals and get to the root issue of what’s needing attention in your body. Your nutritional assessment questionnaire, health history and food/mood journals will all be reviewed during this call (these forms are emailed to you upon payment). This is a deep-dive into all areas of your health, so we can work together on creating the best nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocol that will get you on the path toward optimal health.​

What’s Included?

  • 60-minute virtual consultation

  • Review of health history and intake forms

  • Nutritional protocol

  • Lifestyle and supplement protocol 

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