Connecting Deeper With Your Cycle + Reproductive Sovereignty!

There is so much we’re not taught about our bodies.

Most people’s sexual education experience goes something like this:

You’ll have a monthly bleed called a period. You’ll need to use these types of hygiene products called pads and tampons. You can now get pregnant. Use condoms to avoid STIs. Use the pill to not get pregnant…with this, you’ll still have a monthly bleed which you can call a period. This is the responsible, mature thing to do.

We’re not taught that we can only get pregnant about 20% of the time, let alone how to identify when that is.

We’re not taught that within the menstrual cycle, there are different phases that each have unique gifts and signatures that when harnessed can leverage our creativity and productivity.

We’re also not taught that the pill shuts down all ovulation function nor that the bleeds are a medication withdrawal reaction, not a period.

We can go through our entire lives never fully understanding what happens within our bodies every month.

The beautiful thing is, it’s never too late to learn.

By going through my Moon Cycle Magic Program you could know day-by-day when you can and cannot get pregnant.

You could be scheduling in that important meeting/presentations/events at the time of your cycle you know you’ll be on fire.

And you’ll know at what points you need to keep your calendar light so you can take it easy.


When you learn to sense and understand signs that your body is giving you, you’ll know exactly where you’re at, and you’ll know exactly how to align yourself to its rhythm.

In this program, we  dive into ALL the magic and guidance your cycle has to offer you.

Our body goes through four seasons, or phases, each moon, all of which correlate with the seasons in a year. Knowing that your body goes through four seasons every cycle, see if you can move into a place of honor, curiosity, and alignment with what nature has transpired. Focus on the energies that each season brings, harness their power, and nourish yourself accordingly. When we live in alignment with the four seasons of our cycle, stop rejecting it, allow it to flow, with a deepening understanding of which of our strengths and qualities are highlighted during each phase, we can become more at ease in our own bodies, more productive, more confident, and more powerful beings as a whole. In essence, we are allowing the wholeness, the fullness of ourselves to exist in harmony, and that, is wildly powerful. Curious in learning more about the four phases of your cycle? Check out the Moon Cycle Magic Companion Guide! It's a pocket sized edition of the full program.  Happy Cycling!

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