Sick of being tired?!

Adrenal fatigue is a hot topic lately, because everyone seems to be stressed in one way or another. Chronic stress is extremely taxing on your adrenals, and cortisol plays a big role here.

I hear a lot of talk about adrenal fatigue or adrenal burnout, but what you need to understand when it comes to adrenal fatigue is that your adrenals are not necessarily the issue-  it’s a miscommunication happening within your brain (more specially with the HPA Axis-  your hypothalamus, your pituitary and your adrenals).

There is constant communication happening between your brain and your adrenals, and when you're constantly stressed out all the time-  the communication between your brain and your adrenals slows down or stops altogether.

This breakdown in communication is why you experience adrenal burnout.

Your brain (specifically your hypothalamus + pituitary gland) basically say- LISTEN, I’m not sending you any more cortisol or adrenaline because you’re just asking for it all the time! We’re exhausted over here, so we’re just gonna cut off communication.

When it comes to healing your adrenal glands, there is just no quick fix. You can’t just pop a pill and call it a day… It's the lifestyle shifts that have the biggest impact on your adrenal health.

Steps to begin healing:

• Test your adrenals to better understand how they’re functioning. I offer a virtual signs and symptoms test for all of my clients that tells us where you’re adrenals, pituitary and thyroid are at. Book a session here.

• Support both your adrenals and your thyroid.

• Lifestyle tips:

1. Practice relaxation. Find the meditation that works for you. Look up Yoga Nidra apps or download a meditation app like Headspace.

2. Try herbal infusions- check out my herbal medicine guide.

3. Take epsom salt baths.

4. Practice sleep hygiene and create healthy boundaries around sleep. Cortisol and Melatonin have a natural pattern that is aligned with the circadian rhythm. Sleeping between 9 and 6 is an optimal sleeping window for healing adrenals. 

5. Eat plenty of nourishing foods- lots of mineral rich herbs, leafy greens, high quality fats, medicinal animal products, bone broths, veggie broths- check out my recipe book.

6. Give yourself permission to rest when you are tired. Pushing through when your body is telling you to slow down only stimulates more cortisol. 

Curious in becoming a client and working together to heal your adrenals, thyroid, and HPA axis? Book a session here.

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