Movement Coaching

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Get stronger, move better, and learn all sorts of fun, new skills!

Initial Consultation- $95

Movement coaching is specialized training for your specific goals and fitness level. Together, with your personal goals as a guide, we use a combination of movement techniques and skills I have developed over the years to help you move better and grow stronger in all the ways you desire. 


Depending on your fitness goals, we decide on your training frequency and type. 


Areas of fitness training I specialize in are include primal flow, strength training, calisthenics, gymnastics rings, dance, handstands, flexibility, corrective exercise, mountain bike coaching, and weight loss. 

Our first session is spent discussing your goals and assessing your current fitness level. All sessions are virtual and 45-minutes long.

Specific coaching packages for clients who want to work on nutrition and movement simultaneously are available and customized based on individual goals. 

Movement Coaching Packages

5-sessions- $425

10-sessions- $800

20 -sessions- $1500


Request a Movement Consultation

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Initial Consultation- $95