Moon Cycle Magic

Reconnecting with our Sacred Womb Space and Intuitive Power

with Bridgette Wolleat & Brittany Taylor

Tap Into Your Deep Inner Wisdom


We find it so crazy that not many of us were taught how to have a healthy relationship with our cycle. If we had been passed on the sacredness, beauty, power and ancient knowledge of our womb space, how might our lives be different?  We are so excited to have created a program that does just that- helps us rebuild a healthy relationship and understand the beauty, power and magic of our cyclical nature.

What Does the Program Cover?


Creating a new relationship with your cycle

Understanding the four phases of your cycle

Charting and tracking your cycle and fertility

Nurturing your cycle with movement, nutrition, herbs, and self care practices

Celebrating your cycle with fun rituals and exercises

We have had such an amazing time dreaming up and bringing Moon Cycle Magic to life. It has been a vision of both of ours for many years to create a program that could support others in their ever-evolving journey with their cycle, incorporating tools and resources that have changed our lives.

We are looking forward to supporting you in your journey!

-Bridgette & Brittany


More About The Program…



The purpose of this program is to offer you insight and tools that will help you connect with your body’s cyclical nature and natural rhythms on a deeper level than perhaps you knew possible. When we connect with our intuitive nature, we connect with the power of the universe, which is truly magical in its ability to manifest anything and everything. In connecting with this magic around our moon cycle, we harness the power within us to create in all the ways that we desire. With this clean flow of energy, we can live a life of abundance that really feels like magic in action. 


In this program, we offer ways to tap into this intuitive space within, so that all we create may be birthed from a space of magic: the magic of the eternal ebb, flow and flood of our womb space, and the magical ability to bring creation into physical form. From here, we have the power to influence energies with supernatural forces and the power to influence the physical realm with the magic of our womb space. 


On a more concrete level, this program will help you understand the four phases and fundamentals of your cycle in connection with nature and the lunar phases. It will help you track your fertility, as well as your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being during each phase, and to connect with and understand your body in these three realms. Furthermore, the program will dive into your hormonal system and how to support each phase with rituals and natural health practices. Above all, this program will empower you to live more in sync with yourself by creating a healthy and vibrant body, mind, and spirit that supports your unique life.

Ready to Heal Your Relationship With Your Moon Cycle?


We are eager to support you along this sacred growth journey to the center of your womb space.
You are so welcome here. Come join us.